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UFO Led High Bay Light-Led High Bay Light Manufacturer

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Update time : 2016-03-22 20:57:00

We open the new mould series-UFO Led High Bay Light
Outstanding Design Feature:
European and American design style,high quality aluminum die casting.
Painting process,round shape design,never fade,cracking prevention.
Circulation cooling design,aluminum casting process.
High index,low heat resistance,low decay long life.
SMD3030 led chips,high CRI,low luminance decrease,high light efficiency 180lm/w,brighter luminance and longer lifespan.
SOSEN-C series driver,ferse structure,good heat dissipation,high power factor,also can match with smart control system like Dali and ZigBee 
Voltage of resistance to surge is 6000V,surge current is 65A.
Waterproof design,eliminating mist,avoiding condensation,improving quality,extending the lifespan.