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Ceiling Led Panel Light-Led Panel Light Solution

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Update time : 2019-09-14 21:25:57
LED Panel Light

Ceiling LED panel light are slim, low profile lights that utilize edge lit technology to produce uniform light distribution. Slim LED panel light have the LED chips lining the edge of the fixture and directing the light towards the middle, with a reflector diffusing it downwards for a shadowless effect. Ceiling Led panel light have the advantage of being thin and light and can be surface mounted or recessed into the ceiling. LED panel light also come in round, square and rectangular or linear shapes for installation in T-bar and grid ceilings or to cover downlight holes. Various color temperatures like 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K are available for warm white or cool white preference. Ceiling LED panel light also have options like 0-10V dimming, waterproof rating and emergency battery backup.

LED Panel Light

LED panel light is perfect replacements for fluorescent troffers in T-bar and grid ceilings. LED panel light is slim and low profile troffers that have edge lit technology, which means the LED chips are on the edge of the panel and directs the light to the center. The frosted acrylic lens diffuses the light evenly into a wide angle. LED panel light are typically slimmer in size, which makes it ideal for shallow ceilings. LED panel light is easy to install in a drywall or drop ceiling and require low mainenance. 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4 led panel light is ideal for hospitals, classrooms and showrooms that need wide light distribution. Installation options include recessed mounting into ceiling grids, surface mounting using a surface mount bracket, or suspended mounting with cables and hangers.

Surface Mounted Led Panel Light

Surface mounted led panel light is thin LED ceiling lights that are great replacements for fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Edge lit lighting diffuses light better and minimizes dark spots and glare. LED flush mount fixtures are installed into a junction box and can easily cover holes in the ceiling created by recessed lights. Surface mounted led panel light come in round, square and rectangular or linear shapes. Round surface mounted led panel light is great for replacing traditional recessed can lights for a cleaner surface mount look. Square surface mount led panel light and linear edge lit lights are like smaller ceiling panels and can be used in hallways, patios, kitchens and doorways. Ceiling led panel light come in different color finishes like white, bronze and brushed nickel.

Slim Led Panel Light

Ultra slim LED panel light is better for shallow ceilings and for retrofitting recessed led panel lights. Slim led panel light do not require LED recessed cans and can be installed safely into new construction and remodel ceilings. The LED driver is attached on top or remotely to the light module and installs with snap-on clips. Slim led panel light convert the traditional recessed downlight into a flat surface mount look. Use slim led panel light to retrofit 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch can lights for uniform light distribution and smooth optics. Choose between round and square shapes and warm white and cool white color temperatures. Different trim finishes include white, brushed nickel, bronze and black.

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