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How to Choose LED Flood Light-Narrow Beam LED Flood Light or Wide Beam LED Flood Light?

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Update time : 2019-09-22 20:00:28
What is a Beam Angle?
Beam angle is a measurement of how the light is distributed. The beam angle is something you need to pay attention to when choosing the right LED flood light for your lighting projects. This is as important as the Color Temperature.

The ideal beam angle of your LED flood light is determined by the distance between the light source and the target area for illumination. A wide beam angle means a wider spread of light across an area and vice versa with narrow beam angles. Generally speaking, the farther the light source is from the target area, the smaller the beam angle required to effectively illuminate the space. Beam angle indicates the spread of light from the light source. A narrow beam LED flood light gives a farther distance lighting which is better for tall or long distance lighting. A wide beam LED flood light gives a more wide lighting,which is better for wide range lighting.


Most LED flood lights are available in a choice of beam angles.

Fanguang Lighting specializes in LED flood light, with various beam angles to fulfill a wide range of lighting needs. Ranging from a very narrow 5 degree led flood light to a wider 120 degrees led flood light. A narrow beam led flood light makes the lighting more focused and intense. A wide beam led flood light will distribute the light better to more areas of the space. Knowing how to use beam angles correctly can vastly improve the lighting effect in a space. PS: Our Slim led flood light series,have various beam angle for options,such as: 8°/15°/35°/60°30°/90°/70*150°very widely applications.
If you search for LED flood lights,we have hundreds of large square fixtures that are typically used for landscape lighting, parking lots, tree uplighting, architectural lighting, work lighting, and other applications that require wide light spread. These lights not only have narrow beam patterns but also have wide beam patterns

If you’re planing and need to see far down the path ahead of you, a narrow beam led flood light will project a longer, narrow beam of illumination. A wide beam led flood light would allow you to see a wider area at a closer distance.

                                                                 Wide beam led flood light (left) and narrow beam led flood light (right) 

If you want to illuminate the front of your house, you will need a wide beam led flood light because it can cover more surface area.

                                                                                     LED flood light fixture with a 120° beam angle  

In the end, it’s up to you to choose which light is best for your application. Just keep in mind what narrow beam led flood light and wide beam led flood light are designed to do, and you should have no problem creating the look you’re aiming for.

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