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How to Design Outdoor Lighting-Outdoor LED Light Guide

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Update time : 2020-06-13 17:56:01
Outdoor Lighting is playing an important part in our daily life, especially for those who working or having fun in outdoor, who requires ideal visual performance, and the Municipal authority who pursues better public safety and beautiful city views. The typical outdoor lighting scenes are including:
- Area lighting, e.g., lighting for plazas, parking lots, seaports, airports, etc.
- Street lighting, e.g., lighting for highways, streets, roads, pathways, etc.
- Landscape lighting, e.g., building facade lighting, building outline decoration, etc.
- Advertising lighting, e.g., billboards lighting, sign lighting, etc.


1. High Mast LED Flood Light for Sports Lighting

Stadium lighting is a fast growing one. the adequate lighting is essential to ensure satisfying sports events.
Have the desired lux level in mind, you only need to know poles position, mounting height, and installation methods, then you can do a simulation to check the lighting results before you actually put it into action.

Check below a solution for Class III tennis court with 6 poles, illuminated by 240W LED Flood Light.   


2. Modular LED Flood Light for Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot is used for car parking. It usually doesn’t require high brightness, 10-40lx will be ideal for most places. But for car dealership, higher brightness up to 100lx is always welcome, because that helps to attract customers from far away. 

For parking lot lighting, the distribution type of LED Area Lights is a vital factor to be concerned. For fixtures that are installed in the parking area, Type V distribution pattern is suggested, for it can cover a larger area with good uniformity; and for lights that are installed besides the parking area, Type III and Type IV are recommended, so to avoid unnecessary backward spill light, while cover a large area.

Check below a simulation for parking lot with 100W LED Flood Light    


3.LED Street Light for Street Lighting  

There are quite many regulations about street lighting. In brief summary, street lighting illuminance vary from 3lx to 30lx based on the traffic condition and safety consider. And distribution pattern for street lights are generally Type II, Type III and Type V. 

Check below a lighting solution for 4-lane highway, using 100W LED Street Light

4. LED flood Light for Building Facade Lighting

Facade lighting is a premium solution to enhance the overall look of building facade, bridges and monuments, etc., and make them be displayed in a more attractive way. The lux level may range from 50-500lx depending on the environment. 

The beam angles are always important for facade lighting, for precise beam angle being effectively to avoid light waste and being focus more lights to the target to achieve the desired lighting results.

Check below a reference for building facade lighting with 30w LED flood light with medium beam angle.            


5.Slim LED flood Light for Advertising lighting  

Outdoor advertising happens almost everywhere, thus the demands for advertising lighting are everywhere, and most common are for billboard lighting and sign lighting. There are different sizes for billboards and signs, and the most common length is usually 7m, 11m, 15m, 18m, and height about 3m, 4m, and 6m. The required lux level is mini 150lx, and generally varies from 200lx to 2000lx based on specific job demands.

Always remember to choose the most proper beam angles for your billboards and signs. Professional lens not only enhance the visibility of billboard contents, but also save more energy and avoid light pollution.

Check below a 11m X 3.7m billboard illuminated with 3pcs 70w LED flood light with ideal uniformity. 


Factors to choose the desirable LED lighting fixture for outdoor lighting scenes

As per the above-mentioned analysis, it’s easy for us to summarize that there are several factors must be considered, if want to get the most desirable LED lighting fixture and satisfying lighting results.

1. Be clear of the parameters of outdoor scenes, including the length, width, mounting positions, mounting heights, etc. 
2. Get to know the lux level you need to fulfill the lighting purpose. You can always talk to Yaham Lighting about what you require, and our professionals will recommend the proper lux level for you.
3. Knowing about the working voltage for lamps. The most common voltages are 100-277V AC, however, there are always other demands, e.g., 24Vdc, 480Vac, etc.
4. Find the proper beam angle that suits the application. this will significantly improve the application efficiency and avoid light pollution, while fulfill your lighting purpose.c
5. Maintenance considerations. Maintenance could be a big concern factor for lighting fixture. It would be annoying and money-consuming if the outdoor lighting fixtures usually at fault. So, choose the high quality and easy maintenance ones when you purchase LED flood lights and LED area lights.
6. Be sure the professional simulation before buying. It’s the most convenient way to check the theoretical lighting results before you actual install the outdoor lighting fixture. You can improve the layout based on the simulation, so that to get the most ideal solution. 
7. Last but not least, taking care of the environment and avoiding light pollution. Don’t bother the neighbors when has light pollution. Choose the lighting fixtures with proper beam angle and precise light control. By doing these, you will not only avoid light pollution, but also enable the best lighting results and maximizing application efficiency.

To achieve best outdoor lighting is not an easy job. Don't forget to consult the professionals for advices. No matter now or in the future, you always have Fanguang Lighting as a reliable partner in outdoor lighting. Contact us to know for high quality outdoor lighting fixtures and professional solutions.