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Mexico Jalisco Road Lighting Solution

Installation requirements: Pole height 15m, Modular Led Street Light
Installation height: 15m
Average floor illumination of 45LX
Product Name: Modular LED Street Lamp, product power: 150W,
Specifications: Taiwan Meanwell driver,Philips SMD 3030 led chips,5 years warranty
                         Excellent heat sink design,light angle: 80°*155° degrees.
Installation requirements: Pole 15m,Led Street Light installation height: 15m,the average floor illumination of 45LX.

The best matching of ground illuminance and power is achieved. By increasing or decreasing the number of light sources, different road widths and illuminance requirements can be met, and the purpose of meeting the city's lighting requirements without wasting energy can be achieved.For a professional Led Street Lamp manufacturers,we provide high quality slim led street light,cob led street light,modular led street light,high mast led street light...and so on.