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ldc-floodledlight.com   R & D

                         Fanguang Lighting focus on highly qualified R&D devoted into special led lamp and lighting color customizing.Especially in chip color customizing,PCB layout,driver design, housing customized/Tailored,product control system ect. to provide quality and professional lighting solutions to countries world-wide and insure the 100% satisfaction of every oversea clients.

IQC-floodledlight.com      IQC

                       We guarantee the quality of our products by putting great emphasis on monitoring and controlling our supply chain. Various tests are done to examine LED color consistency, CRI, and light intensity. At the same time, the” letter of commitment” from each supplier is required to ensure that all materials and components provided by them are of the   highest quality complying with RoHS, CE, UL, and / or other standards.

IPQC-floodledlight.com      IPQC

                      Our attention to details are endless. Our products meet all ISO9001:2008 standards and we maintain the quality of our products by controlling and monitoring all critical  characteristics and specifications of the product.

QA-floodledlight.com      QA

                       To ensure to manufacture a “PERFECT” product, we have implemented a final QC test and series of final functional tests. In addition, we can, if needed, sign a written Quality Commitment for every unit that we produce. In this way, you are guaranteed that our products meets your requirements.

AGING-TEST-floodledlight.com        AGING TEST

                       In order to ensure the quality of our products, we will do aging test for all of our products including LED Flood Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Street Light ,etc.  Aging test consists of running the products with their intended use and operation for at least 48 hours to make sure no defects get to our customers.