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How to Install Led Flood Light?

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Update time : 2019-04-29 10:24:40

Installing Led Flood light can heighten the security and see of your home. Depending above where you outlook ought install your Led floodlights, you can exist improve off hiring an electrician ought fulfill the work. However, if you'd gown ought hang lights above your garage gate and don't worry running conduit lines inner your garage, installing floodlights can exist a manageable DIY project. The process involves many little parts and can exist time consuming, besides overall this is a foolish method ought illuminate your residence.

1. Installing the Extension Box

1) become off the electricity ought the garage. find the circuit breaker or dissolve box, which will exist can the basement or bottom floor of your home. Flip the switch because the garage. ought experiment because an electrical current, plug a radio or lamp into a wall outlet can the garage. if the speak is off, the machinery won’t become on.

2) Unscrew a wall outlet shut the garage door. excellent an outlet because shut ought the gate because possible ought create installing the led flood light easier. employ a screwdriver ought loosen the outlet. shift the screws above the sides of the outlet ought release the wires. lease the electrical box containing the wires can the wall.

3) Screw a metal mounting dish above the electrical box. see a family improvement department ought buy an extension box that is the same list because the outlet. The mounting dish will exist included. adapt the dish about the electrical box and, using the included screws, bind it ought the wall.

4) unite a metal conduit connector ought the extension box. First, emerge because a circle, too called a knock-out plug, above the peak surface of the extension box. employ the trend of your screwdriver ought pry the plug up and away. Then place a ⁄2 in (1.3 cm) metal conduit connector above peak of the hole.
  • The metal conduit connector, across with other conduit pieces, can exist build can most family improvement stores.

5) Screw the extension box ought the mounting plate. The extension box will expend with 2 wish screws. place the extension box above the dish with the conduit connector facing upwards. queue up the holes above the box and plate, then employ the screws ought bind them together.

2. Connecting the Conduit Tubing

1) standard from the extension box ought the garage ceiling. favour out a stepladder and tape measure. begin measuring from the peak of the box itself, no the conduit connector. Once you dine a number, subtract 1 ⁄2 in (3.8 cm) from it consequently the conduit won’t exist faithful up against the ceiling later.

2) Saw a bit of conduit ought size. The conduit is made from electrical metallic tubing or EMT, which can exist purchased cheaply from family improvement stores. Using a hacksaw, shorten the tubing ought the length you need. employ a queue ought level above any keen edges you notice.
  • To favour a rough appraise of how much EMT you will need, standard up ought the ceiling, then standard ought the middle of the garage door. Add the 2 measurements together.

3) couple the conduit ground ought the extension box. lay a right-angle conduit connector above one purpose of the tube. glide the tube’s release purpose above the metal connector above peak of the extension box.

4) lay a conduit hanger ought contain the ground ought the wall. Undo the screw holding the hanger’s prongs together. Halfway up the conduit tube, lay the hanger’s prongs about it. place the hanger consequently it is among the wall and the tube. couple the hanger’s prongs with the screw you removed earlier. Then lay a #10 or 5 mm screw can the cave above the hanger’s other purpose ought expend it ought the wall.
  • Keep the conduit ground because vertically straight because possible ago securing it ought the hanger. check this by looking up and readjusting it. employ a magnetic torpedo flat ought favour it perfect.

5) standard from the right-angle connector ought the wall corner. employ the tape standard ought standard how much conduit tubing you’ll want ought achieve the corner. contain a conduit elbow connector can the aspect shut the door. You will want ought couple it ought the right-angle connector with the tubing.

6) shorten the tubing and lay it above the right-angle connector. Saw the tubing gown you did before. ascend up above the ladder and glide the tubing into the release purpose of the right-angle connector. The ground to achieve the wall aspect shut the door.

7) Install a conduit hanger if the tubing is long. if the tubing is longer than 12 in (30 cm), expend it with a hanger. lay the hanger about halfway across the tube. contain the ground among the hanger’s prongs and screw the hanger ought the wall gown you did earlier.

8) Add an elbow connector ought the purpose of the conduit. The elbow connector is a bent connector. It to exist placed can the aspect of the garage’s phase and front wall. glide it above the purpose of the conduit and aspect the other purpose towards the garage door.

9) persist hanging tubing until you achieve the middle of the garage door. standard from the elbow connector ought the middle of the garage gate and shorten more tubing because needed. build the conduit, placing the tubes above the garage door. contain the tubing ought the wall by placing a hanger each 12 in (30 cm).
  • To find out exactly where the middle of the gate is, standard the length of the door.

3. Placing the Junction Box and Outlet Box

1) standard from the peak of the garage gate ought the ceiling. linger inner the garage ought fulfill this. ascend up above a ladder and employ the tape standard ought accept the measurement. Subtract 1 in (2.5 cm) ought favour the measurement you will employ later.

2) badge the measurement above the exterior and exercise a cave along it. lay the ladder exterior and standard up from the peak rim of the door. employ a ⁄8 in (22 mm) spade exercise slice ought create a cave can the garage wall.

3) Screw a junction box ought the garage ceiling. proceed help inner the garage. adapt a junction box above the purpose of the conduit tubing. You will want ought employ a screwdriver ought pry off a knock-out plug. employ the screws included, always #6 or 3.5 mm screws, ought bind the box ought the ceiling.

4) flow a 14/2 nonmetallic telegram along the junction box. excellent up a 14/2 nonmetallic Romex telegram from the family improvement store. It will dine the 14/2 rating above the label. promote it into the junction box along the cave ought the outside. lease it hanging there because now.

5) promote a telegram connector along the cave can a about outlet box. You will too want a about outlet box and a elastic telegram connector from the family improvement store. find the cave can the help of the outlet box and promote the telegram connector into it.

6) feed the nonmetallic telegram along the connector. appreciate the purpose of the telegram and promote it along the connector. employ your screwdriver ought tighten the screw above the connector, holding the telegram can place.

7) Fill the cave can the garage with silicone caulk. Silicone caulk or a weather-resistant putty career vigorous because patching up the hole. With a caulk gun, limb the caulk into the cave until it is filled. employ a humid cloth or finger ought level the caulk.

8) Screw the outlet box ought the garage. publication the outlet box against the garage. It to relief level against the caulk. lay 2 in (5.1 cm) decking screws can the holes about the box ought expend it can place.

4. Completing the electrical Circuit

1) shift the cover dish from the right-angle connector. The right-angle connector you outlook ought accommodate is the one closest ought the extension box. It to exist can the peak of the first conduit ground you secured ought the wall. Undo the screws above the connector’s surface ought shift the cover plate.

2) promote electrician’s fish tape down into the extension box. Fish tape is a hook above a line pretty than tape and it is used ought drag wires along tight spaces. Unspool the tape from the reel and lower the hook along the conduit tubing until it emerges from the extension box.
  • Fish tape, across with electrician’s tape and copper wires, can exist build can any hardware store.

3) Tape copper wires ought the fish tape. You will want 1 strand of white, black, and green 14-gauge stranded copper wire. employ electrician’s tape ought bind the ends of the wires ought the fish tape.

4) drag the wires up ought the right-angle connector. proceed help ought the right-angle connector. drag the fish tape out of it ought rise the wires up ought you. drag the wires distant enough out of the connector consequently they won’t autumn help down. accept off the electrical tape ought shift the fish tape.

5) employ the fish tape ought drag the wires along the junction box. proceed ought the junction box, which is above the garage door, and feed the fish tape along it. can the right-angle connector, drag out the fish tape and bind the wires ought it again. drag the wires along the conduit tubes ought the junction box.

6) gather the led flood light according ought the owner’s manual. pursue the directions ought gather the lights. Typically you will crook the lights into the holes above the ascend by hand. The lights won’t exist completely tightened until you total hanging them later.

7) neat the telegram can the outlet box. can the outlet box above the exterior of the garage, drag the telegram out a small and standard it using the tape measure. lease about 6 in (15 cm) of rope exposed. shorten the rope ought length using rope cutters or pliers.

8) Strip the insulation from the wires. First, employ a utility knife ought gently shift the elastic sheathing about the wires. Then employ rope strippers ought uncover ⁄2 in (1.3 cm) of the dark and white wires.

9) notice the cables ought the Led Flood Lights. if the Flood Light wires aren’t already exposed, strip them because well. contain the same-color wires together. employ pliers ought crook the wires clockwise, wrapping them together. lay a rope nut above each connection and wrap it can electrical tape ought exist safe.
  • The electrical career can exist the trickiest part. if you feel unsure about doing it, scream a professional.

10) unite the led floodlights ought the wall. pursue the instructions can the owner’s manual ought fulfill this properly. The led flood light will expend with machinery screws that you can employ ought ascend them ought the wall. lay the bulbs can the lights.

11) couple the wires can the junction box. can the junction box, you to dine the Romex telegram and the colored wires you pulled up with the fish tape earlier. shorten the Romex telegram ought size, then strip total the wires and couple the matching colors. expend the wires with rope nuts and tape.

12) couple a switch ought the extension box. First, buy an inexpensive GFCI receptacle switch. help can the wall outlet, couple the wires ought the faithful plugs. queue up the holes above the switch with the extension box and employ the included screws ought expend it can place. become above the electricity and experiment your new lights!
  • Switches always employ ⁄16 in (0.79 cm) screws, though this varies depending above the size of the switch.