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LED Street Light or LED Street Lamp design Technology for Roadway Lighting

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Update time : 2020-05-23 12:38:27
Over recent years, the efficiency of LED Street light design has improved from 50m/W to 150lm/W. From the perspective of improved LED efficiency, LED street lights are totally expected to replace traditional lighting, especially in the modernize led street light design technology. However, the quality of LED street lamp has become a huge problem, especially in the new LED lighting manufacturers, which was not an expert in the field of LED lighting before. On the other hand, the characteristics of LED street lamps are significantly different from traditional lamps. For example, overheating is one of the most important problems in LED Light and the intelligent control is another difficult problem in led street light, such as we need that they can decrease 50% brightness automatically in midnight.

In the past two years, the design of led street light have been widely discussed because of their market size and power-saving performance, especially to replace 250W or 400W mercury lamps. To design led street lights, the key issue is to meet specific regulations everywhere. For example, they need to guarantee its 5 years lifespan (even though the led chip life is about 100000 hours.) to meet the special case and compliance with roadway regulations, IP protection rate up to IP65 and IK10. Based on these requirements, the LED street lights design needs to consider heat, light, power and mechanism.

Radiator design for LED street Lights

Led street light heat sink design is also a very important component. Its shape, volume and cooling surface area should also be designed properly. If the heat sink is too small, the working temperature of the LED lights will be too high, which will affect the luminous efficiency of the lamp and the use of the heat sink life. In addition, the consumption of materials will increase the cost of the product, so it will reduce the competitiveness of the product, so the rational design of the LED heat sink becomes crucial. If LED junction temperature control will have an effect on the life of LED, in order to guarantee 100000 hours of service life, Fanguang lighting will make the LED junction temperature under the 75℃, and the heat sinks temperature control under 2℃ to make all the led street light have the same service life. 
LED street light beam angle design

If the led street light is to be applied on a roadway/street, it must meet the roadway/street lighting specification, that is, the light distribution must meet the uniformity and glare level required by the roadway lighting. In addition to meeting roadway regulations, it is also important to ensure that the light output is projected over a large area. If there is a certain length of roadway that need to install led street lights, then more led street lights need to be added to meet the roadway needs to avoid zebra crossing lighting. The lens uses optical PC material and high-strength tempered glass cover plate, which can achieve self-cleaning function and avoid the problem of lens dust accumulation.
LED street light appearance design

As a typical representative of outdoor lighting, LED street lights are exposed to various environments for a long time, so it is more important for appearance design. To avoid dust accumulation and easy cleaning, More and more exterior designs adopt streamline design to achieve the purpose of not accumulating water or dust. The exterior of the radiator is sprayed with powder coating to enhance the aging resistance and corrosion resistance of the LED street lamps.
LED street light power supply design

High-brightness LED street lights design replace HID and HPS street lights. Although HID lamps have a long service life, but in low high light efficiency, and a well-designed LED system can direct light into a downward cone to achieve precise light distribution and eliminate light pollution. We all know that the voltage of each LED is slightly different, so how to avoid the uneven current on each LED is an important key design. Although every street light power supplier says that the power supply is a constant current output, in fact, after testing the current, it is still found that there are still great changes. But if the voltage of each power supply is different, then even with a constant current design, LED lights will get different currents. 

LED street light installation

LED street light installtion have a great influence on the appearance of road planning. The design of led street light should be planned as part of the overall design concept from the beginning. Aesthetic feeling should also be considered when designing and installing, and light pollution should be avoided. When designing LED street lights, the effective lighting type in the street environment should be considered. Under normal circumstances, roadway lighting is essentially suitable for highway lighting, but it is not limited to this. The installation height of the light is proportional to the wattage of the LED street light. The higher the installation, the larger wattage demand. Different sizes of roadway lighting require different installation heights and different wattages, and led street light pole design are different.



Fanguang Lighting led street light design guide combines heat, optical beam angle, heat sink, power supply and installation to be considerations, and all possible impacts on LED life are taken into account. Besides, in the design and implementation of led street light, Fanguang lighting has adopted the most cutting-edge innovative technology, whether it is solar street lights or integrated street lights, that is why Fanguang Lighting is very confident in its LED street lights. Its led street lights efficiency are up to 150lm/W, and Fanguang Lighting LED street lights use the precise optical roadway/street lighting distribution according to different roadway/street requirements, which can be applied to various roadway/street lighting needs.