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Slim Led Street Light-High Power Led Street Light Manufacturer

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Update time : 2019-09-15 14:22:30
LED street light, also known as LED roadway lighting in some parts of the world, is a light emitting diode (LED) light fixture that is integrated, and used to lighting streets or roads. Slim led street light is the current trend in most streets lighting and roadways lighting in developed and developing countries. Nowadays every person tries to save energy and be part of making our world greener and a better place to live. The largest users of electricity are governments and metropolitans that want to iluminate their streets to make them safer to walk through.
For that the traditional street lights are massive consumers of electricity that are a big part of our contamination of our world. Large electricity plants consume a huge amount of coal and carbon to let those lights of all metropolitans and cities burn at least 8 hours a day. But what if we can reduce the use of electricity for those metropolitans and cities up to 80% less and still be iluminated? How can that be done?? With high power LED street light it is possible to achieve to save up to 80% of energy, and besides they cost less to maintain.

There are many designs that have been created which incorporate various LED types into a led street light. The most current trend is using SMD3030 chips LEDs. Although this is the trend, some companies are still using more powerful SMD5050 chips LEDs in their products. Fanguang Lighting is the manufacturer who have even taken powerful SMD5050 chips LEDs to carry out the same function as a single high power led street light. The shape of such slim led street light is determined by several factors with those with the most impact being aesthetic design preferred, heat sink used and LED configuration.
Heat sinks used in all slim led street light has a similar design to those used to cool electronic devices such as amplifiers and computers. To assist hot air flow away from the LEDs, heat sinks have as many grooves as possible. All slim street light lifespan is directly affected by the region of heat exchange on their heat sink. Compared to their original design specification, the lifespan of most current slim led street light is determined by their light output. A high power led street light of this nature can be considered to be towards its end once its brightness has decreased by 30 percent.

Our high power led street light that are based on a 130-150lm/W output LED can usually produce higher or similar amount of luminance as traditional lights. At the same time, they will require half the power consumption of traditional lights. Furthermore, slim led street light typically does not fail in similar fashion as normal lighting. Instead, it decreases in output to the point that it is ineffective and replacement has to be done.
Since slim led street light as a rule produce less watt illumination (also known as lumen), it is important to include a well distribution illumination pattern. This will ensure the same lighting effect seen in higher lumen conventional fixtures is achieved. A good design for all high power LED street light is pointing different LEDs in a single fixture to varying target points. Contractors or customers who have their own preferences can discuss them with our company. Most, if not all, you can call or mail to us for more products.

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