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Smart UFO Led High Bay Light-Best UFO Led High Bay Light Manufacturer

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Update time : 2019-09-08 13:28:03
UFO LED High Bay light is the impressive evolution of the warehouse light or high ceiling light. Smart,Small and compact, these little lights pack a ton of impressive new LED tech and a ton of high quality light output. No more giant metal halides or high pressure sodium fixtures. Now there are modern, cool looking UFO LED High Bay Light to enjoy. Beyond even warehouses these are cool lights for retail, restaurants or other fun open areas.  
As an industrial or commercial user when owning a factory, warehouse, gymnasium or an auto showroom, you may at times find it difficult to choose the correct kind of light fixture that can be used for illuminating the high bays in your workspace area. When choosing lighting for high bay ceilings, efficiency is important. Since the light will be operating from a higher range, the lighting needs to be maximized for optimal illumination. With the smart design of UFO LED high bay light products, the design is part of the efficiency. Created with a fin style to help transfer thermal properties more evenly, these fixtures allow for illumination that is widespread and powerful.

Don’t I need a reflector for these UFO Led high bay lights?

Reflectors are actually a bad way of transferring light. Anytime light has to bounce off of a reflector, it losses lumens and often part of its color spectrum.The light degrades with each reflection.

With new technology, the LEDs themselves are set to certain angles of light output.This eliminates reflectors and improves light quality and energy efficiency. An LED can actually be built to project light in 60 degrees, 90 degrees or even 120 degrees for high bay lights. In other applications as wide as 150 degrees. Since the LED is sending the light directly where you need it, the reflector is not doing anything.

The standard today is 120 degree. Works very well from 14 ft up to 25ft. Above that we start to consider narrower beam angles. 

What about repair and maintenance of UFO LED high bay light?

None, no need. A UFO Led High Bay Light can get 100,000 hours of use. Combine that with being UL/CE Certified and 5 year warranties ensure these things are built to last. Depending on use, they may not have to be serviced for 20-40 years. At 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, that’s still 35 years of useable life.At 12 hours a day it’s still 22 years.

It’s a pretty good bet you will be changing these out for crazier technology or looks long before the LED lights die out.

What are the use cases for UFO led high bay light?

Any situation where the lights are hung from above at 12 feet or higher is a great use case for the UFO lights. They start at 50 watts and 6000 Lumens which is good from 12-15 feet high. They go up to 240 watt at 32,000 Lumens which can work as high as 35 feet if you have enough of them. The light can project that far, but we recommend narrowing the beam angle to 60 or 90 degrees   While initially they have been hung in warehouses and other tall ceiling buildings, we are seeing more of them used in retail and restaurants as design pieces. They are becoming part of a ‘modern’ look in lighting.

Compare the UFO Led High Bay Light to our Linear Led High Bay Light and see which ones fits your style best. 


What do I need to think about when buying led high bay light?

Think about 
1. how high you can hang them
2. Building usage and then determine how much light you need.
3. Do you prefer UFO or Linear high bay style? LED technology is the same, so it's a install ease or look preference.
4. Kelvin.  5000K is the standard, but we do have some 3000K/4000K/6000K options
5. Motion.  Do you need or want.   If so, do you want it in the light or seperate.

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